Hexagon Mismatch Ceremony Package


Discover the enchanting allure of rustic elegance for your special day with our Hexagon Mismatch Ceremony Package. This meticulously curated bundle combines the warmth of natural wood with a touch of whimsical charm to create an unforgettable setting for your ceremony or event.

At the heart of this package is the captivating Wooden Hexagon Arbour, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship that promises to be the perfect backdrop for your vows. Surrounding this central piece, our Mismatched Wooden Chairs offer a quaint and cozy seating arrangement, each with its unique character, inviting your guests to be part of an intimately styled ceremony. Enhancing the rustic vibe, our Cross Frame Wooden Benches provide additional seating that seamlessly blends comfort with style, ensuring every guest feels part of your special moment.

The Vintage Wagon Wheel Table adds a whimsical touch, perfect for displaying your ceremony essentials or a beautiful floral arrangement. Completing the setting, the Wood Cross Frame Chair and elegant Runner 1 lay the foundation for your walk down the aisle, creating a picturesque path that leads straight to the heart of your celebration.

Embrace the charm of mismatched elegance with our Hexagon Mismatch Ceremony Package, and let your ceremony be a beautiful reflection of your unique love story.

Seats around 36 people.

More chairs can be added to package if need be.