Bamboo Ceremony Package


Bamboo Ceremony Package

Experience the charm and elegance of our Bamboo Ceremony Package, perfect for creating a beautiful and unique wedding atmosphere. This package includes:

- **Bamboo Folding Chairs:** Comfortable and stylish seating that blends seamlessly with any outdoor or rustic setting.

- **Wooden Cross Frame Benches:** Offering additional seating with a rustic touch, perfect for family and friends.

- **Wooden Rustic Arbour:** A stunning backdrop for your vows, adorned with your choice of decorations.

- **Wagon Wheel Signing Table and Chairs:** A charming spot for signing your marriage documents, adding a whimsical touch to your ceremony.

- **Array of Aisle Runners:** Choose from a selection of aisle runners to suit your theme, creating a memorable walk down the aisle.

- **Wooden "Welcome to Our Wedding" Chalkboard Sign & Easel:** Greet your guests with this delightful sign, setting the tone for your special day.

Our Bamboo Ceremony Package combines natural elements with rustic charm, ensuring a memorable and picturesque wedding ceremony.